Teszt – look, see, watch: melyik illik a mondatba?

Döntsd el, hogy az alábbi mondatokba értelmileg, nyelvtanilag melyik való a “look”, “see”, illetve “watch” igék közül.

1. Do you like to tennis on TV?

2. you later!

3. I forward to hearing from you.

4. They all at me smiling.

5. My colleague was so bored he was the clock.

6. I do not any problem with this idea.

7. If you do not know a word, it up in the dictionary.

8. What are you for in my room?

9. I guess now you what John meant.

10. to it that every participant understands the rules.

11. Things do not good for our company.

12. He is every penny.

13. There is no decision yet, so we have to wait and .

14. Larry really like a clown in that picture.

15. Always around before crossing the street.

16. I your girlfriend in the mall the other day.

17. Since their break-up, Jenny is a psychiatrist.

18. Please my bag while I buy some ice cream.

19. I have a feeling our neighbors down on us.

20. She is so tired she does not want to anyone right now.

21. None of those books very interesting.

22. Did anyone the accident?

23. Would you after the children tomorrow?

24. your back!

25. Your wife through your stupid little scheme.


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