Angol teszt – a “get” ige használata

Az alábbi mondatokban a get ige ún. phrasal verb-ként (vagyis ige + prepozíció kombinációban) szerepel. Válaszd ki a megadott lehetőségek közül az értelmileg a mondatba illő elöljárószót.

1. I just can’t get the disappointment of losing the final.

2. Obviously, our company tries to get of its competitors.

3. The phone was busy all day long so I couldn’t get to him.

4. Clive is thinking about getting stock trading.

5. Could we all please get this subject?

6. The research team got with the project due to some difficulties.

7. For the stadium, you should get at the next stop.

8. The staff never really got with the previous boss.

9. Get your things before we leave.

10. How can you get on such a little salary?

11. There’s no way we can get our problems by simply changing the name.

12. I hope Greg will be able to get work early today.

13. Talking is over, now you should get to some serious work.

14. He tried everything to get the message .

15. Accept it and get with your life.

16. My sons really hate to get early.

17. Laura didn’t have time for reviewing it, but she’ll get back it later.

18. Unfortunately, Rachel doesn’t get with her younger brother.

19. I’d like to get for a week with my family in January.

20. Don’t worry, my husband will get to fix it tomorrow.

21. This week-long rain is getting me .

22. Their share price is down because they couldn’t get the new product on schedule.

23. If you offend her like this, she will surely get back you.

24. Would you please get from my chair?.

25. None of you will get with cheating.


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