Angol teszt – prepozíciók használata (kezdő)

Válaszd ki a mondatba illő prepozíciót (elöljárószót) a megadott lehetőségek közül.

1. Today we play the best team.

2. He looked the photo.

3. Do you believe miracles?

4. This story is a little girl.

5. The man came the church.

6. Laura gave this me.

7. There are houses the lake.

8. Give me another minute, please.

9. I am reading a book written Dickens.

10. Jason got a letter his sister.

11. The children walked the street.

12. The workday ends five.

13. Phoebe saw a picture the wall.

14. Jump the water!

15. Martin arrived here his friends.

16. It is very cold: twenty degrees zero.

17. The shop is the school.

18. There is a road those hills.

19. Tell me what you need.

20-21. My shoes are the curtain or the bed.

22-23. I bought a bottle wine Eric.

24-25. She will stay home Sunday.

26-27. Katie wants to play you dinner.

28-29. Jerry is waiting the bus the bus stop.

30-31. Take the milk the fridge and put it the table.


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