Angol teszt – névelők használata

1. Lisa is architect.

2. I don’t like Sullivans at all.

3. life is beautiful.

4. My grandfather has lot of books.

5. We need to have breakfast before sunrise.

6. This is unique opportunity.

7. This painting is masterpiece.

8. She stayed in bed all day.

9. The government should help poor.

10. Is Amsterdam the capital of Netherlands?

11. Jeff has a little house at Lake Tahoe.

12. Many people believe politicians always lie.

13. My children go to school in Budapest.

14. river Danube originates in the Black Forest.

15. I’m afraid I’ve made mistake.

16. They arrived hour late.

17. John hit him in face.

18. Which solution is better for you?

19. I think coffee tastes better with milk.

20. Our friends came from United States.

21. laziness will not help your career.

22. There are no really high mountains in Hungary.

23. That guy is idiot.

24. Your colleague had very good idea.

25. Both companies offer same service.


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