Angol teszt – a “take” ige használata

Az alábbi mondatokban a take ige ún. phrasal verb-ként (vagyis ige + prepozíció kombinációban) szerepel. Válaszd ki a megadott lehetőségek közül az értelmileg a mondatba illő elöljárószót.

1. I know that nothing can take the pain of losing her.

2. Sales of the music player took after the ad campaign.

3. Chelsea takes Real Madrid tonight in the Champions League.

4. Everyone who meets him is taken by his charm.

5. The insurgents took a tank with a rocket launcher.

6. The minister will take the refugee issue with the ambassador.

7. My life took a new direction after quitting my job.

8. You didn’t really take what he was saying.

9. The marketing director took as the new CEO of the company.

10. Why are you taking your frustration on your children?

11. Lisa took yoga a few years ago.

12. Your desk takes too much room.

13. The sex scandal took the governor.

14. We were watching the airplane taking .

15. Ed and Rita needed money so they took a loan on their house.

16. The ship takes fuel and supplies before continuing its journey.

17. At least he tried. You can’t take this from him.

18. Jeff’s face took a worried expression.

19. My son is going to have his tonsils taken tomorrow.

20. They took the captured spy the captain.

21. You should take your kids to a movie.

22. My wife recently took gardening.

23. Yesterday we took the Christmas tree.

24. Militias took the capital of Somalia.

25. Please take your shoes before you come in.


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