Angol teszt – prepozíciók használata 3. (középhaladó)

Válaszd ki a mondatba illő prepozíciót (elöljárószót) a megadott lehetőségek közül.

1. He is very angry the decision.

2. What I said should stay us.

3-4. Children 6 can travel a ticket.

5. My wife called me five times the afternoon.

6. Two girls walked the school.

7. Ted is his own now.

8. Both the police and the mafia are him.

9. The young British couple travelled the world.

10-11. His mother stayed his bed he fell asleep.

12. Paula turned the house an animal shelter.

13. His neighbors have not seen him a week.

14. His neighbors have not seen him last week.

15. Jamie got his new job an old friend.

16. Mother Teresa lived and worked the poor.

17. What does K stand in this abbreviation?

18. It is a quarter four.

19. It is half two.

20. The villagers were very friendly our team.

21-22. The circus is leaving another town the morning.

23. The spaceship will explode five minutes.

24. Sean lives just the street.

25-26. We stand you this issue.

27. The Danube flows Budapest.

28. Kevin never weighed 200 pounds.

29. I still know her phone number heart.


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