Angol teszt – prepozíciók használata 2. (középhaladó)

Válaszd ki a mondatba illő prepozíciót (elöljárószót) a megadott lehetőségek közül.

1-2. the end the day it didn’t really matter.

3. I’m afraid we’re far well-prepared.

4-5. People celebrate the declaration independence the streets.

6. Rosie has a heart stone.

7. The militias turned each other.

8-9. Ruth is very good math according her teacher.

10. The guests were greeted the prince himself.

11-12. I realized my mistake arriving the station.

13. We have visited an old friend mine.

14. Let’s discuss this face face.

15-17. Mike rents a flat the river next nothing.

18. Those plastic toys are China.

19. The writing is the wall.

20-22. His sad face was stark contrast the joyful mood the others.

23. I’ll help you pleasure.

24-25. only a week left the organizers are serious trouble.

26-27. He’s risk another heart attack.

28. It’s good to have you my side.

29. Another soldier was killed action today.

30-31. I woke up six o’clock even while holiday.

32. This doesn’t sound like an apology me.

33. Latin American immigrants lived poverty.

34-35. Everybody looked the man affirmation.

36-37. People rushed the help the girl.

38-39. It’s impossible us to beat them ten points.


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