Angol teszt – prepozíciók használata (középhaladó)

Válaszd ki a mondatba illő prepozíciót (elöljárószót) a megadott lehetőségek közül.

1-2. my surprise, the man the tattoo was actually a teacher.

3-4. The champion lost the second time a row.

5. This bag is very cheap this price.

6. Don’t judge a book its cover.

7. The officer was relieved his duty.

8-9. The second book Markson was animal behavior.

10. Poor guy, he got fired his birthday.

11. The prime minister’s reputation is ruins.

12. One three was rotten.

13. The children are shaking fear.

14. Can you tell the original the fake?

15. The storm will be gone an hour now.

16-17. Our village is famous this church the left.

18. The prisoner was executed dawn.

19. Eyesight weakens age.

20-22. Ana was born the U.S. Cuban parents 1982.

23-24. a man a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

25. My mother doesn’t like to travel bus.

26. I prefer beer wine.

27. My cousin bought this painting a hundred dollars.

28. Here customers can only pay cash.

30. Bruce is a man courage respected everyone.

31. a distance they look similar.

32. The weather is quite chilly July.

33. All this training was vain.


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